We are happy to say that our short little break from gigging is about to come to an end.  Bob Hinsman, our drummer and vocalist, main trucker and electrician has made a grand recovery and has come out with flying colors and looking forward to a great finish to gigging in 2018, as we all are.  The holiday is right around the bend and Four-on-the-Floor will be manned with not only a great spirit but with a new and energetic list of songs to both dance and rock to!  Take a moment here and check out our “GIG PAGE” for up and coming gigs.  And of course, we welcome all of you to Visit our Facebook Page and put in a request for you favorite song that you’d like to hear us play when you come out to see us!  Bob, Kevin, Phil and Jim will be eagerly looking to see you all at one of our next gigs.  Let’s get together and celebrate a great 2018 Holiday season over some drinks and Rock ‘n Roll !   Whats ya say? 

Seasons Greetings From the Boys of Four-on-the-Floor!!!

Go visit our gig page to check out our up and coming events.  We want to see ya!


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