It was indeed a great 2018 Kick-off gig for Four-on-the-Floor and we are very grateful for the generous show of family and friends that rounded up at Garrison’s restaurant last Saturday night !!!

In keeping with our intention to make 2018 a great and memorable year of gigs, we are eager to expand our repertoire with new songs that you will love to hear us play!  We want do to the tunes that you want to hear so, on that thought we encourage you to head over to our Facebook page to request a song or two that you would enjoy hearing  from us.    We’d love to hear from you and bring you one of your favorite songs.   While you’re here now, click right here and put in your song request!

We look forward to seeing you soon and of course, don’t forget to go to our “Gig page” to see where we’re playing!

Thanks for stopping by and for sending in your song request!

From the boys of Four-on-the-Floor

Go visit our gig page to check out our up and coming events.  We want to see ya!


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