Hi there friends and folks, from the boys of “Four-on-the-Floor”.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having been a part of our history by attending our gigs and for the times you have chosen us as the band for your most memorable occasions.  Thank you for your presence and support as we do what we love to do!

Although we aren’t going anywhere, we will be taking a little sabbatical up  until February of 2018 to catch up with some of our personal ventures and commitments.  Following this short break we will be coming back strong as ever with a list of new tunes to add to our repertoire. During this time, keep an eye on our website as this will be a great time to post soundclips, pictures and video’s of our past events and gatherings.

We sincerely hope you will all get to share a happy, healthy and safe holiday, and we will be looking forward to you joining us at up and coming gigs and events.

Happy Holidays from Bob, Kevin Jim and Phil from Four-on-the-Floor!

Go visit our gig page to check out our up and coming events.  We want to see ya!


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